Monday, September 14, 2009

Luray Part II - Hiking and 3,642 feet

We went on our second camping trip to Luray, VA and had lots of fun at the Jellystone Campground.The water in the pool was freezing! I had a conversation with one of the VA locals and it went something like this Me: "Gosh the water is cold" Nice VA Lady "Yup, it's always cawld... Juuune, Juuuulie,'s aways cawld". That is the best I could do with the phonetic spelling. Perhaps you had to be there for the accent.
He has no sense so he just jumped right in!
The baby pool was warmer, but that could be due to other factors outside of the weather.

They had these awesome jumping pillows - you could probably shoot yourself up to space if you jumped hard enough. The kids loved these (all 3 of them).We hiked to a waterfall in the Shenandoah State Park. The kids were great for such a long walk with the exception of the pony incident.
I suggested that Bella's pony ride in Daddy's backpack on the way up since she kept loosing her balance. That did not go over well and The Boy volunteered to take care of her and walked hand in hand with her all the way back telling her that it was O.k. It's nice to see that they love eachother beneath all the bickering.Our second hike was a bit harder. We hiked to the top of Little Stony Man and they said it was good for the ages of our 2 monkeys. Well, be very careful when you listen to the Ranger because when you get up there it's you.... 2 crazy kids and a 3,642 feet drop.
It was a great way to get a quiet ride back to the campground.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Dark In Here

As part of our last camping trip we went to Luray Caverns. The kids really enjoyed all of the dark winding paths and the pretty rocks.Our son was quite scared when he heard that one was called Pluto's Ghost. He was thinking that it was really a ghost and wanted to know all about who Pluto was and whey he was a ghost.There were so many cool things to see and I took way too many pictures of rocks.This area had a pool of water underneath it so it looked like a deep cavern.There were some that you could stand inside of, but there may have been a rule against that one.
Lots of wishes were made along the path. Our son whispered to me on the way from from the camping trip "Mom when are my wishes going to come true?" Well, he wished for a million Bakugans and jewlery for Mommy, so lets hope the second one comes true first!This was their favorite part - a huge bin of colored rocks that they got to load into little velvet bags - for a nominal fee of course!

I also learned an important Blogging rule - don't assume that your kids are quietly eating ice cream while you catch-up on your Blogging. They just may be emptying the whole jar of sprinkles on their ice cream!

Friday, September 11, 2009

No Gifts

We decided that we weren't going to exchange gifts for our 8th anniversary. He Lied.
His parent's didn't make such a promise and these were a nice delivery.My Mom gave us the gift of a night out on the town. We went French - j'ai bien mangé!

Happy 8th Anniversary Sweetie!