Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Here is a group photo from the last soccer game of the season. It's cool to see the kids go from a bunch of boys who knew a couple of kids to a team that looks forward to seeing each other each week. The Hubby was the coach again for the boy's team. It seems that the same amount of patience is needed each year even though they are one year older!

The Boy loves the group aspect of soccer. He is a natural pack animal.

He appeared to be counting the number of players on the field while he was in the goal. It gets kind of boring over there when your team mates are doing a great job of keeping the ball down field.
Now it appears that the ball is getting closer. He stopped a lot of goals during this game.
I love this photo because it is not my kid out there break dancing. Sometimes I focus so much on whether my kid is paying attention so it is good to see that it happens with other kids. I am sure that his parents are sitting on the sideline thinking, "Why does my kid have to be the only one on the field goofing off?" My advice to new sport parents is to look around when you think this and I am sure that you will see other plane/cloud watchers, dirt diggers and paper/rock/scissor players out there.

They eat up the parent praise!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blah, I mean Ho Ho Ho

I hate Blogger, I was suppose to be posting about the Boy's last soccer game, but alas I keep getting this stupid Bad Request page when I try to upload photos. So, here is my first pass at round 1 of Christmas Cookie baking - what do you think?

Festively decorated sugar cookies
Snicker doodles
Peanut butter cookies with a Hershey Kiss
Magic Bars/7-layer
Chocolate Chip
and some sort of mint cookie.

What is on your baking list? My hubby will have to answer because I am convinced that he is the only person (aside from Julie and Puna) that read this Blog (: Of course his brother is making bacon chocolate chip cookies for his work cookie exchange so we may not want to hear from that side.


I look at these pictures from Grand Parent's Day at the Pre-School and all I can think of is "Man my daughter is an amazon!" Her Uncle and Cousin on the husband's side are really really tall and I think she may have dipped into this gene pool. Tall girls are cool, right??? I always complain when I try on pants that they are too long and I could be at my current weight if I was like 4 or 5 inches taller - no problem. I mean, who cares if she towers over the boys at the middle school dance? She could get a volleyball or a basketball scholarship but too bad she wants to be a jockey or something else horse related.
They made ice cream which is the yearly tradition for Grand Parent's Day at the school. I tried this once with our friends who came over for dinner with their son when we first reconnected. It wasn't a pretty scene. It seemed like such a cool idea in theory, but in reality we wound up with cream all over the kitchen and the adults were tossing ice cold bags back and forth in their hands with ski gloves on. It was a true mess. I can't believe that they ever came back. It was quite frightening. So, if you come for dinner and want ice cream you may want to bring a pair of ski gloves and an apron.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Festival

This pose reminds me of the Titanic - I'm the king of the world!
I think we had more fun in the store than we did in the Fall Fest area.
I even hate fake snakes
The kids were so scared of Grand mom in this mask that she had to convince them to pose with her.
The saying above the door reminds me of my Father-In-Law.
This is cool, but boy is it bumpy!
Too bad the fittings weren't tighter, I wonder if I could get one of these as the time out chair !
I hate corn mazes about as much as I hate snakes. I have no sense of directions and the kids like to plow through the rows of corn.

Can you find the missing child?
So sweet when she wants to be!
I can never get both smiling at the same time.

So, we headed to the girl's pumpkin patch field trip to find out that it was canceled when we got there. We made a 4 plus hour round trip to wind up at the Garden Center 5 miles from the house!