Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Eve of Craziness

Christmas always reminds me of just how blessed we are. We take a trip out in the morning on Christmas Eve and this year we went to Union Station. Usually we do the national tree and the Arboretum, but we were feeling a bit more low key. Not that fighting for parking and accidentally letting your baby roll into M street in the middle of Georgetown isn't fun - Ugh!

We had our annual Christmas Eve beer for lunch.....

Our son has a new fascination with the flag after joining the Cub Scouts.

Bella did a little window shopping and some dancing in the middle of the music store. She just might be Daddy's little musician.
More window shopping. Daddy better get used to this, but he already looks like a pro. One day he will be holding her purse rather than her scarf.
The kids are just so excited this year - Bella has been joyfully pronouncing "It's the Christmas Season!!!" since the turkey came off the table in November! The Boy has been keeping a very detailed Santa list now that we can read and write. He also writes us hate mail when he is in time out, but that's another post.
We had our family over for a yummy Christmas Eve feast. Homemade Potatoes Au' Gratin or Heart Attack on a Plate... it was so good.
Hubby's Brother spent the night with our soon to be Sister-In-Law. He put the ring in the tree the week before and asked for her hand in marriage. She's a doll and the kids LOVE her.She's also a school teacher and The Boy thinks that is soooo cool. She has lots of fun with them and teaches them all sorts of cool stuff. Now I can call her when I don't understand the homework that is sent home. Yes I have already had to Google terms used in first grade homework, I guess a Master's degree only goes so far these days.

Cookies and Milk were set out for Santa.
We even remembered food for the tired reindeer. The kids threw open the blinds in the morning to check on the food. Boy reindeer are messy eaters!
Of course we stayed up late and helped out Santa.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow.. Let It Snow...Let It Snow

We received about 2 feet of snow here and enjoyed some sledding after the shoveling was done. Last year Bella cried and cried when she went out into the snow. This year she was a snow bunny! The kids had a blast sledding and the adults had fun too and lots of exercise!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

The kids went to have Breakfast with Santa and they had lots of fun. They are just too silly for words.

Throw Away the Keys....

We took the scouts to the local Sheriff's office and they were all locked up and handcuffed. The boys loved it and it was right up their alley. They asked the poor officer every questions about guns and bad guys and guns and helicopters and more guns.

Great Balls of Fire

We went to the bonfire to end all bonfires. The flames were about 5 stories high and it looked like a cruise ship on fire. They were using heavy machinery to load the wood. It was so hot that they had to have a little bonfire off to the side for the kids.

Gong UP

Hubby and I coached the boys Upward soccer league and we had lots of fun. Bella can't wait to play and then we are really going to be busy!

Twick or Tweat!

Gosh Halloween was just as busy as Christmas it seems. We had Trunk or Treat at Church which was a lot of fun. We also had a party with the Scouts and then we had just the normal school parties and dress up days.

Here and There

We had an impromptu pizza night around the fire pit.

We went and saw a movie where we had to wear those great 3-D glasses. They have sure come along way from the red and blue lens paper glasses.