Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heading to Pre-K Next Year!

We also had the last day of school celebration for Bella and her friends. It was so cute to see all of the girls and the one little prince they have in the class chatting and playing.
Here is a shot of them showing us how they say their prayers - there is nothing like seeing a group of little ones in prayer together.

I have no idea what they were doing at this point. They were so distracted by the parents in the room. They are so trained to smile for the camera.
This is her BFF - BTW she is having her first sleep over soon. Daddy has to get used to that idea.
Here are her teachers and boy are they patient. All those girls bickering over who is going to wear the most popular princess dress during free time.
This is Mrs. Angie and she is the captain of the whole operation. I knew this was the right place to put the kids was because during our initial call she told me that if a child is having a hard time they just love them up and work through it with them. They are so sweet and have provided both of our kids with a great spiritual base.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving to Wolves

What a busy few weeks, hence the absence of posts. On the Scout front the boys had their last den meeting where they were awarded their belt loops for the last part of the year. They were so excited to get all of the shiny new loops.
Next was the Den picnic at the park. These boys could light up a small country on the fuel they can burn when they are running in a big crazy pack. It was a great night to talk about the last year and how it seemed like school had just started. Our little guy will be in second grade next year!
There was lots of general silliness.
They finally climbed on top pf the dragon which has been a big goal of the boys ever since we started coming to the park when he was 2. I am sure they shouldn't be up there, but they worked so hard.I call this thing the arm breaker. It makes me pretty nervous because the Boy runs full speed ahead staring at his feet the whole time. He is also convinced that he is by far the fastest pusher.
Our honorary Scout came along too. She is going to be a great Girl Scout.

The last Scout celebration brought us to graduation from Tiger Cub to Wolf. Again, lots of boy excitement. They had a great year with trips to the nature center, police station, NASA, Capital Visitor Center and many more fun activities. It was great to see them all grow this year despite the madness and noise.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And Then There Were Three!

Happy Birthday to my blue eyed baby!