Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 First Camping Trip

Well we started the camping early this year and already have one trip behind us. This past weekend we went to Catawissa, PA to visit the Knoebels Amusement Park. I learned a very important thing about the GPS on this trip. As our trusted driver looked around at about the 3rd quaint, but tiny town on our trip, he said "Did you enter Most Use of Highways" into the GPS? "Nope" I replied "I used fastest route!". This my friends is not fastest in terms of time, but most direct route, which could very well be little tiny towns with narrow roads and tight turns with our little trailer behind us. Well, it took almost 6 hours to get there using the "Fastest Route" option. Hubby is such a good sport.
Along the way we scored with this great place to eat which had cartoons! A little electronic babysitting was definitely appreciated at the halfway point.
So, before I start posting our trips of the season let me just warn you that camping with kids is not always 100% fun for the parents. Honestly, 2 kids in such close proximity to each other for an entire weekend can make one a little nutty. Above is hubby's best try at "Grumpy Face" - this evening the boy refused all attempts of a photo. So why do we pack all of our belongings up and head into the woods for weekends? Most people think it's cool, but not for them (:
Well, we just get to escape the chores and day to day and just be silly as a family.
We eat food that we don't get during the day to day meals at home like cheeseburgers almost too big to hold and all the mess can just drop on the ground for the critters like skunks not dogs.
The kids get to stay up way too late and play with glow sticks.We can sneak in a little Mommy and Daddy time to chat about whatever after bedtime.
The S'mores are just not the same when you make them at home.Hubby's favorite part of the day - Cowboy Coffee and lots of bacon. The kids are also really excited at breakfast because that means we are so much closer to the reason we came.There is lots of time to stop and smell the flowers. We all had pockets full of wilted flowers by the end of the trip. Laundry day after a camping trip is always interesting.
We always pick a camping trip around some sort of highlight that is too far for a day trip. What happened to the sweet little 4 year old poses. Bella wouldn't even get close to Kozmo. She has a huge fear of any life size cartoon characters. I need to find a Disney Princess to see what she would do because isn't that one of the highlights of taking your kid to Disney?
This is in our first ride of the day. Look how refreshed and excited we all look. By the end of the day Bella announced "My belly is all full of rides" and believe me that held true for all of us!

This was one of many rides that threw us in the air and rocked us back and forth. Both kids are crazy and wanted to ride everything. Bella is only 4 and was up for anything, she will be a stunt woman when she grows up. It took till this year for our soon to be 7 year old dare devil to get on these type of rides. He is definitely the more cautious or perhaps more sensible one.To prove how crazy the kids are they both went on this wooden coaster. It was definitely the ride to call it a day after. I mean how can you top that adrenaline rush other than riding again and that was not happening!
The last great thing about camping is that the kids get to meet new people and by the end of the weekend it's like they have know each other forever. Too bad as adults we loose that ability or perhaps we are just too busy at some points in our lives. Our next trip will take us to the beach for 3 days!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Unconventional Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year the Moms celebrated a day early with a wine tour.
We hopped on the Boomerang Party Bus and set out for our adventure!
The first winery was on top of a mountain and it was stunning.

We soaked up the sun on the patio of the vineyard and had fun chatting.
Had to stop for the customary tourist picture.
The first tasting was actually in the processing area of the winery and we learned all about the regional grapes and the vineyard.

We then headed to the second winery and ate the best chocolate covered strawberries and more wine and sun.The Party Bus truly lived up to it's name on the way home. There was booming music lots of dancing and laughter.This is Nikki and she is the founder of the Boomerang Bus and she is a blast needless to say. She used to be a school teacher in another life. It's funny where your dreams can take you.
The girls definitely let loose cruising 55 miles per hour down the highway!
P.S. My wonderful Hubby and kids also cleaned the house and all of the bathrooms I must note while I was out kicking up my heels. This is also my 200th Blog Post!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Sunny Day

Pull out those sunglasses - it's going to be a great weekend and not just because Mommy is going on a wine tour!

The Biggest Show

We went to the Circus a few weeks back and I was warned that I may see a bunch of protesters around the building, but there wasn't any excitement.
There was plenty of excitement inside. These tigers were nasty and mean.
The kids loved seeing the elephants walking in a line holding onto each others tails.

The kids loved all of the acrobats.

I should have went into manufacturing these whirly things you pay an arm and a leg for at the circus.

Monday, May 3, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck If........

It's official we have moved from city life to country life. You might be a redneck if your neighbor has access to one of these and your kids are outside in their PJs at 7:30am eating a nutritious breakfast of Popsicles.