Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Leap of Faith

My Husband and I sat through a sermon a few months back and they showed a clip from Robots. It was the part where Rodney's Mom and Dad were talking about whether Rodney should be able to go to the big city to sell his invention to Mr. Bigweld. Rodney's Dad convinces his Mom that she has to let him go so he can experience the world. You can gather that we go to a well unconventional Church. I thought about this today when my boy did something that left to my own devices I would have probably held him back from.
He just learned how to swim this Summer. Look at that determination.
I bet he feels totally free and on top of the world.Thanks sweetie for letting out the line even though I hold tightly to it at the other end.
This was also off the high dive. The moral of our Revrend's story was about how couples compliment eachother. I wonder if Mary and Joseph had these same conversations?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life before PhotoShop

A long long time ago I received a minor in Photography and Women's Studies - useful I know. I pulled out my old camera bag last week and my hubby and I were looking at all the stuff. I used colored lens when there was no Photoshop. I had a dark room in the basement that smelled of chemicals and is where I spent most of my time. I also pulled out a 15 year old granola bar from the bag. It smelled through the wrapper. My hubby laughed when I dropped it back into my bag. Do people still develop there own film these days???

Hubby's "Other Wife"

This is my dear dear friend Linda. She is just about the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. We have had a lot of great memories from our single days in the city. A friend and I tried to fix my hubby up with Linda on a blind date, but that didn't work out. I guess we hit it off better, but she was the best Maid of Honor a girl could have even if she got his ring stuck on her thumb during the ceremony. I passed on our family margarita recipe for her Birthday celebration. Happy B-day sweetie - it was a great brunch!

The Little Big Apple

We went and visited my Hubby's Aunt in upstate NY.
Aunt Janet is so sweet - she found a place where Bella could have her own horse ride and she was even able to help groom. She was thrilled!This was the first and the last time that the kids will "try" to bunk up. Needless to say we had to separate them!

While You were building the treehouse....

Our son's buddy came over for a sleepover and the boys spent the day doing boy stuff: wrestling, playing spies, shooting each other with water guns and eating. They met each other when they were about 2 and boy have they grown!

A break for pops.

It's Party Time!

Bella was invited to her first Birthday Party where her big brother was well not invited. It was a little girl party.Little Girl parties (at least at this age) are much calmer than Little Boy parties. The girls played with ponies, Barbies, drew pictures, etc. Little Boy parties tend to end with the occasional small first aid need and lots of wrestling.
It was the calmest candy scoop from the pinata I have ever seen. The mom's even had a chance to chat with a margarita. I could get used to this type of party. Although, I do have an older niece so I know the screaming will start at some point, but I am going to enjoy it now!

While You were building the treehouse....

Grandmom and Daddy have been building a treehouse which is more like a condo than a treehouse. Nothing is small and simple around here. It has kitchen windows, siding and who knows what else! So, I took the kids put put while they were doing something constructive.
Bella decided that the most efficient way to get the ball into the hole was to walk it to about 1 inch from the hole and then put it into the hole. She's very resourceful.Our son is much more methodical which comes from a long string of engineers. He is also very competitive.
Of course most of out outings end with some sort of treat and lots of Spray and Wash.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Laugh

BTW - He did this on his own - the children had nothing to do with it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

While You Were in Montana

Hubby headed to Montana for the annual July 4th Family Reunion. Of course, I had to obey the internet safety rules and not post anything about is absence until he was home to guard the family.

We sent him off at the airport and our dear son was not too happy to see Dad leave. I am sure he was thinking that he'll never get any of his Transformers into their proper configuration nor would he be able to get to the next level on his DS. Once it was just us in the van we headed to the airport park to watch the planes come in for their landings. They are so close that you think you can almost see the passengers looking at you!
We discovered a new hobby in catching fireflies before bedtime. We learned that some fireflies do not eat and others eat very tiny insects. I sure hope we had the do not eat variety since Mommy was not catching insects in the dark.
We went to the beach a few times.
We watched the fireworks from the beach and the kids thought they were "Awesome!"My suspicions that men really have a little bit of evolving was confirmed when my son screamed "I'm going to make fire!" while rubbing two sticks together with much zeal.

We also went to the movies and saw Ice Age which lacked the required number of mermaids and ponies for Bella.

My third grade teacher from my Catholic school days also came and visited for a few days. She lives in Charlotte now, but at one time she lived with us.... long story for another day.

We went to the airport to pick up Daddy which made the kids very happy. I think Bella breached national security by charging past the un-ticketed passengers must stop here sign when she saw her Daddy.

BTW - I managed to get our son to level 5 on the DS, but I am happy that it was only a temporary assignment.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a day!

Today we did something totally wild and out of the ordinary for our practical money saving lifestyle...... We bought a pop-up trailer! O.k., some people go to France and our time will come, but today we did something that will hopefully stir up some great memories for us and our kiddies.
I'll post pictures of our first trip once we get it home and tagged and all that other good legal stuff.
This week I will also publish hubby and Grand mom's ongoing project for the kids - stay tuned.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!
The kids loved the fireworks last night... "They were Awesome"!


Our son borrowed the camera and I am thinking that he is preparing for his own MySpace Profile picture at 6. Sometimes I wonder about him, but you know what, he just may be our next famous photographer. He loves to take pictures. I will find pictures on the camera of things that he found funny on TV, close-ups of his his sister or carefully arranged montages of his toys.