Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Little Pilgrim

Bella's Thanksgiving play was so cute. This year she got to be a Pilgrim and last year she was an Indian. She sang with the best of them which is a nice change from the Boy's Thanksgiving plays at this same school where he just stood there and made faces.

Thanksgiving and Twister

It was a nice Thanksgiving with family and cosmos! I like Thanks Giving since it does not require shopping in the mall. We had lots of yummy food as usual.

My sister-in-law told the Boy to get a game after dinner so they could play. I bet she didn't expect Twister. Poor thing, what a good sport, Twister after eating and wearing jeans. I bet she will pick the game next time!

Halloween in the Middle

Oh yeah we had Halloween in the middle of my Blogging vacation! We visited family and then we did the trunk or treat at church. They got tons of candy and had lots of fun. My little princess and vampire.

Fire Department Trip Take 5

We had the annual Fire Department tour. I think I've done this at least 5 times maybe more. Perhaps I can become an honorary fireman. Of course, I could be the Mom of half of those firefighters. They look like babies. The Hubby was able to come to this trip and he fit right in with the kids. For the girls it was all about look fashionable in the hats.

Hershey Park and Rudolph

We went to Hershey Park to see Santa and his reindeer and on the way home we collided with Rudolph on I-83. Needless to say the van won thanks to the hubby who is a much better driver than me. I would have swerved off the road - no doubt!

The most stressful part aside from the deer incident was trying to get a family photo! The Boy is a pro, the girl not so much.
He was trying really hard to coach her during this photo opportunity.
She loves to look somewhere in the distance when taking pictures.
She's pretty good with candid photos. There are buffalo in the background. They have a really big zoo at the park.

I went on this ride about 8 times in a row and Daddy watched.
It was super cold suspended above the park on this ride.

The Boy did not want to go on this ride, but he finally broke down and rode it. He had a blast. We are taking baby steps to get ready for Disney. I think we have a long way to go till we work him up to the Tower of Terror.

Here's the damage. Three Thousand Dollars. We even had a head imprint on the hood.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pumpkin Antics

This is the first year that we carved our pumpkins early. Last year we put them in bed and quickly remembered that we forgot to carve the pumpkins so we pulled them out of bed and carved them in their PJs. This year was silly pumpkin carving. First they had fun making finger mustaches and then they squished all of the "pumpkin guts" between their fingers. Then the shirts came off and the kids decided the caveman carving of the pumpkins was more fun.