Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upwards - The Journey Begins

We have been pretty busy with soccer this past season. Both the hubby and I are coaching. I am coaching the 4 year olds and he has the second grade boys. I think they both have their own rewards and challenges. The kids love all of the attention especially when they get to run through the Blast Off Tunnel before the game.

They have learned sportsmanship, but like all 4 year olds, they really like to win and score goals.
They have also made friends and it has been pretty cool seeing them come together as a team and for some to come out of their shells.
This is my nephew and he is on my team. A favorite position on the field is grass picker. Don't get me wrong, he has had is share of goals both against us and for us (:
Aren't they so cute!
They are just learning the rules of the game. Here they all stand eagerly waiting to see if the ball will slowly make it's way into the goal.
They have all become a lot more confident.
Here's Bella, she scored 6 goals in one game. Of course, she has scored 6 goals in total all season, but whose counting (: Tonight is our last practice and our last game in on Saturday. The season of being hoarse on Sundays is just about over. I spend most of my time calling their names to bring their attention back to reality, but hey they are 4.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I should be cleaning and getting ready for soccer, but here I sit. This was our most recent trip to the pumpkin patch. I think we had more fun in the store of the garden center after we got back from the hayride. Grandma' is in the mask and the kids were all freaked out.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Very Dangerous Game

So my Sister-In-Law pictured above flying through the air encouraged everyone to come out and join the new county Adult Kickball League. We thought the injury waiver was pretty funny, I mean it's kickball right! Here she is flying through the air which was in the game before she fell running to first base and banged up her leg.
This is my Brother - doesn't he look so happy - stay tuned.
This is my Brother falling on his head.

This is my Husband running over my Brother causing him to still have a stiff neck weeks later!

This is Larry, he is a determined military guy. In a subsequent game he fell running to first base and broke his clavicle. He stayed in the game and caught 3 balls before he went to Urgent Care who has seen many Kickball injuries over the last few weeks.

This is Larry's wife being silly. I think this might be where she pulled her quad which may have led to her tearing her quad while maneuvering a diaper change.
This is the Husband, God please keep him safe during the last 2 games!
Anyone want to play next year, but you must have good insurance and also sign the waiver. Perhaps we are getting old????

Post Fishing Derby

The Fishing Derby ended with a dip in the pool and the kids had a blast. Bella cannot wait till she can swim like her brother in order to get the coveted water slide wrist band!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fishing Derby and a Really Tight Spot

What can I say - she's a tomboy in a dress.
Only a real man is proud to fish with a pink Barbie pole!
Here is the rod that The Boy won last year for catching his first fish.
Our first trip with the new RV was to the Navy campground for the Scouts camping trip. We came in after dark and the campground was REALLY TINY and our 30 foot RV just squeaked into the spot. We had to drive through the grass and into other sites just to get that sucker into a spot along with lots of help from the fellow campers. The hubby did a great job minus all of us monkeys in the truck fretting away.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back to School We Go!

O.k. this post makes me feel like a blogging slacker, yes this is the first day of school and interim reports came out last week. We have been booked with scouts, soccer, school and everything else. This year's send off was a bit different because Grandmom and Grandpa from Montana came back with us after the wedding and stayed for almost a week. Yes, this is the trip that went on forever! We spent 1 month of weekends away from home and ended it all with house guests. The Boy was excited to have all of his Grandparents at the house for his send off.

He also has the same second grade teacher as he had last year. When I told him that he would have the same teacher he thought that he had failed first grade. It was funny to me but not to him. Luckily he really likes her and she's great. His favorite subjects are art, music and math - he must be following in his Dad's footsteps because I am tone deaf.

Friday, October 1, 2010

All Dolled Up

The day finally came that Bella has been waiting for all year - Her first manicure, pedicure and updo! Now Daddy wasn't quite ready for all of it and I thought it was because he didn't want to see his little angel growing, but I think it is actually because he is not looking forward to all of the the future manicures and pedicures that he will be paying for in the years to come! She was so thrilled to sit in the big chair and have her toes done and to have her fingers in the soapy bowl. Of course she chose pink with sparkles. She looked like an angel that day and so did the bride! The Boy on the other hand was a bit of a nail biter. The first time he tried his tux on was the morning of the wedding thanks to the beach trip and we were so relieved that it fit. Here he is posing on the toilet at the hotel first thing in the morning. He loved the tux and was bummed that it was only a rental. He looked like a million bucks.