Sunday, October 11, 2009

End Hunger

We spent a beautiful Fall evening enjoying the End Hunger concert last night. The statistics are unbelievable in a county which is the 6th richest in the nation. We alone have 1,584 children who are fed by our local Food Pantry - we have 4,950 local residents living in poverty and assistance is cut off if you earn $14,001. 13% of MD Seniors live below the poverty line. It's also hard to believe that just $15 can feed a family for a week... I'd be more than happy to tell you how to help.

Hubby had the honor of being part of this great cause. He played with one of our local kids who was brave enough to sing in front of more people than I could count. The three on stage had never played with each other before this night and they were fantastic. Our kids were so proud to see Daddy on stage and Bella ran up to the front of the stage yelling Daddy... Daddy! She just came in and pointed to the above picture and said "That's Daddy on stage, he played a beautiful song" Good job sweetie!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

They Say It's your Birthday and Other Events

I'm lucky that I still remember my log-in to my Blog! We have been so busy with coaching soccer, starting up our new Cub Scouts Den, school, and every day life.
Hubby decided that it was time for our youngin' to learn how to defend our farm - it's an air riffle don't worry. We learned all about gun safety.Our little Cub Scout was awarded his first belt loop for fishing. He even won a fishing pole at the fishing derby.We went camping for my birthday at Beth Page campground. We saw the world's largest RVs and we looked like small potatoes in our modest pop-up.We went for a birthday canoe ride, but I still had to paddle in between picture taking.
They let me rest a little, but not much.

At the end of the canoe trip my Mom surprised me with a Birthday Golf Cart to drive around the campground. Thanks to the sign everyone in the campground sang Happy Birthday has we drove around.They even treated me to a steak dinner at the campsite with cupcakes!

We played a round of Putt Putt after dinner.... nice purse honey!In following the family tradition, everyone came over for cake and ice cream when we returned from the camping trip. My Mom made me the ugliest birthday cake that I have Even seen, but it was still yummy! It had a little mishap, she's really a good baker - I swear!