Thursday, January 20, 2011

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho

Hello January are you out there? You aren't here at Controlled Chaos because we are still in the Christmas season! I can't even say that I have made an effort to take a Blogging break to focus on those important moments in life. Nope - we have been just too plain busy. I made a pledge that I would read more so I am off to bed to read, but for now here are the pics of the tree decorating. It was the Boys turn to put the star on the tree and he was so excited and proud. Bella did a great job of placing similar ornaments on the same branch and the Hubby, well he was as silly as always. Christmas day to follow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Santa Meeting Take 3

This was the last Santa meeting and it was one of those wait in a long line for Santa. Grandmom hadn't seen the kids with Santa so off we went to the local garden store. This was also a great Santa. He was an old Grandpa type of Santa.

Santa Meeting Take 2

The second meeting with Santa was in this meeting house in my Grandmother's community. When I was their age my parents would bring me here for parties. It still looks and smells the same. This Santa was by far the best. He has to bend over to get into the door and that is a real beard. He reads The Night Before Christmas and then spends a lot of time with each kid. Needless to say they were awe struck.

Santa Meeting Take 1

The first meeting with Santa took place at the Festival of Trees and was to be followed by many more. The kids never asked why Santa seemed to be everywhere.