Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our son took a field trip to the local businesses to learn about commerce. First stop Wal-Mart where they learned the Wal-Mart cheer and they also got to go behind the curtain so to say and took a peek into the big freezer which was the highlight of the trip. They also liked the box crusher. Next stop was lunch, pizza of course. Then off to the bank where the only questions revolved around the bank robbery that happened a few weeks back. Next to the fire house and then to Safeway. The Boy has learned the art of becoming the volunteer from Church. Essentially he stands within close proximity to the person he deems will be selecting volunteers and then he stretches his hand waaaaaay up high and flashes his baby blues. In this case he got to push the button to grind the meat - yuck. It's fun to see him in his element.

You the Best Ever

Some things just come easy for kids.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Capital Vistor's Center

It's pretty cool to live right outside of the Nation's Capital and to a a friend who happens to work there. We took the Scouts on a tour and we were treated like Rock Stars which is key when you have a pack of wild boys with you. She swept us through security, had our badges and passes on hand and set us up for a private tour. The private group was probably more of a favor to the adults who actually traveled to the Nation's Capital for the tour and didn't want to have to hear the Guide answer all of the questions about "The dead guy" Aka George Washington who was buried under the floor there at one time.
The boys got to pretend like they were an angry mob with torches.
This was Bella's favorite part - The BIG White Statue.

Door Stop on Wheels

Welcome to the Pinewood Derby - Ladies and Gentleman, see an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication/Broadcasting is absolutely practical. With this degree you can be the announcer at the Pinewood Derby. You did a great job honey!

Our son sat patiently and waited to see his car going racing down the track. Racing at high speeds is not exactly what it did, but more about that later.

Proud Pop He won a ribbon and a trophy, more about that later too. There were many creative and speedy cars at the race all oiled and shaped into all sorts of cool objects like the surfboard below. None were as cool as our "Door stopper on wheels" as I affectionately refer to it.
Well, our "Door stop" may not have been the fastest one for sure, but it was slow enough to win the "Slow Poke" award. Yes, the Den Leader was successful in snatching the largest trophy of the day! At the end of the Derby in the parking lot our son looks at his Dad and stated "Dad we need to talk about that car for next year's race".

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a Princess Party!

Bella had another Girly Party a couple weekends ago and she got to dress up like a Princess. She had her heart set on wearing this particular dress which my flower girl wore in my wedding almost 10 years ago. My Flower Girl will be driving soon!

At the Princess Party they played all sorts of games. Bella was the first to teach the girls that you could win the limbo if you just crawled under the bar. She's so smart.

Next they played "Pin the Crown on the Princess". They all cheated what can I say.

Then there was good old musical chairs. Bell learned that being the winner actually pays out last in this game. She figured out that all the girls who didn't get a chair were rewarded with a jewel ring. She was so close to winning when she purposely threw the game.

What can I say - you can dress her like a Princess, but she is a tomboy at heart! The one with the Hula Hoop is my little flower girl the night of our wedding. She can be a little tom boy too.

Time to straighten out the old crown.

We also had Valentine's Day at school.

10 Girls and one little boy. She's making a heart with her arms.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This past weekend was a totally packed weekend and it started out with the Father-Son Bake-off for the Scouts banquet. What normal woman wouldn't want to turn her kitchen over to these goofy boys to destroy it - I mean bake a cake in it. The directions specified that the only thing Moms could do in this event was to hold the fire extinguisher.

It started out well wouldn't you say?

Not sure how you can bake a cake when your eyes are covered.
Not sure how you can bake a cake when this is your Father.
Now this is where the focus came into play - at least for one of them. We have owned this Kitchen Aid for 10 years and I think they believed that somehow all you have to do was put this out on the counter and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies would magically appear - poof!

The peanut gallery joined in on the decorations.
The cake was awesome and they did a great job even though it was a bit stressful at times!